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The Griffin Files


Timothy Griffin “self-reported” a situation he dubbed as #PonyGate on his campaign page on March 4, 2023.

In his post, Mr. Griffin said he “did not know” it was illegal to inappropriately touch or otherwise pet the ponies on Chincoteague Island in Maryland, a nationally protected, internationally visited wild horse reservation that has warning signs everywhere… including in the background photo of Griffin’s post.

He called this situation a “misunderstanding,” “an error,” an “absurd” process, and an overreach of government while sharing his mug shot.

But what if there was more to #PonyGate than what Tim Griffin told his followers?

The Real #PonyGate Scandal According to Court Documents

July 5, 2020:

Maryland District Court for Worchester County – Criminal

Case Number NR02B0U4V

State of Maryland v. Timothy Paul Griffin

Note that Mr. Griffin’s address is listed as 7136 Richland Drive, Lynchburg, VA in the document, hereafter referred to as the “Richland Address.”

Further note that Item 9 in the citation document that was issued electronically (no signature required) states that, “If your name or address is not correct, you must notify the Court in writing of any changes. Include your citation number.”

July 10, 2020:

Document Issued. Trial date set for October 2, 2020.

Missed Trial, Arrest Warrant

October 2, 2020:

Trial Date

October 7, 2020:

Notice of failure to appear mailed to the Richland Address.

October 23, 2020:

Arrest Warrant Issued

October 30, 2020:

Arrest Warrant signed by Judge/Commissioner

Notice mailed to the Richland Address.

Traffic Violation and Arrest

October 14, 2022:

Maryland District Court of Allegany County – Traffic System

Case Number G940AVT

State of Maryland v. Timothy Paul Griffin

Note that the Elkridge Address is given and used by the official Traffic System Maryland Court documents.

“Corrected Address” after Arrest

October 14, 2022:

The original Statement of Charges notice is edited to “update” the Richland Address to 109 Elkridge Drive, Forest, VA 24551 (hereafter called the “Elkridge Address”) along with a phone number.


October 14, 2022:

Report date / date of traffic violation / arrest

The Elkridge Address is listed as Mr. Griffin’s current address.

“How Long Current Address” field says that Mr. Griffin lived at the Elkridge Address for “2 Years” as a rented residence.

However, as previously reported, Mr. Gibson–the owner of the Elkridge Address AirBnB–stated in a November 3, 2021, Lynchburg Court hearing that Mr. Griffin had only lived at the Elkridge Address for “about eight months” and that no rental agreement had been signed.

Did Mr. Griffin intentionally lie to the Maryland District Court?

Request for Remote Hearing

November 22, 2022:

Mr. Griffin uses the Elkridge Address to request the Maryland Court for an Electronic Hearing by Zoom for the December 2, 2022, court hearing related to the #PonyGate situation (case number NR02B0U4V).

The request is granted by the Maryland Court.

Failure to Pay Fine – 1st Notice

December 20, 2022:

After gaining electronic/remote accommodation for the December 2, 2022, hearing, Mr. Griffin failed to pay the fine by December 20, 2022, when this Failure to Pay 1st Notice was first mailed. The Maryland Court sent a “Delinquent Notice – 1st Notice” by mail to the Elkridge Address.

By this point, Mr. Griffin has not lived at the Elkridge Address for about 2 years and 5 months.

Failure to Pay Fine – 2nd Notice

January 9, 2023

This 2nd Notice gives evidence for the following situation:

Mr. Griffin appears to not have paid the fine when this 2nd Notice was first generated by the court but appeared to have paid by January 9, 2023, when this Failure to Pay 2nd Notice was first mailed.

However, the Maryland Court still sent a “Delinquent Notice – 2nd Notice” by mail to the Elkridge Address.

By this point, Mr. Griffin has not lived at the Elkridge Address for about 2 years and 6 months.

This means that Mr. Griffin likely did pay the court the fine while at the same time intentionally not updating his address with the Court as required by the original citation and probation documents.

“Error in the Payment”

March 4, 2023:

Mr. Griffin makes his Facebook post claiming that the entirety of the #PonyGate situation was a big misunderstanding and that the situation is resolved.

Yet voter records still say a different story…

Covering his tracks?

March 2, 2023:

Two days before his Facebook post, Mr. Griffin submitted a voter registration form to the Bedford County Registrar to update his address from the Elkridge Address to 102 North Woodfin Court, Forest, VA 24551 (hereafter called the “Woodfin Address”), which is the address he read to the Lynchburg judge on January 20, 2023, as the “garage” that he is now living in.

This was first reported by the National File on March 25, 2023, wherein the reporter says the following:

When National File met with the Bedford County Registrar to receive this information, it was relayed that Griffin came into the Registrar’s office in March 2023 claiming that he’d previously changed his address about a month prior, but no such record was found. As a result, Griffin was required to file a new Virginia Voter Registration Application, reflecting his new purported address which, according to him in court audio, belongs to someone else’s garage.




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